Waive Off School Fees For 3 Months #WaiveOffSchoolFees

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Ever since our Indian prime minister declared a three-week nationwide lockdown on 24th March to break the COVID-19 infection cycle, we all have been asked to stay inside our homes for 21 days. Since then, the majority of workplaces have been directed to remain close, except for some essential services.

As a recently launched startup co-founder, my work has been affected a lot in this lockdown and must be happening with many others across India. There are people who started their new business (self-employed) with new hopes, probably took loans or debts, and are currently stressed out for their coming financial burdens. There are people who might not be getting full or no salary or may be left with nothing from their employers. Many unfortunately lost their jobs just before the lockdown hitting up their financials. 

In this situation, parents are not able to afford school fees during this lockdown period, which has been extended. And as everyone knows the summer vacation in India begins in May till mid-June, but schools will be charging fees for the quarter. 

Schools have started online video classes that are not going anywhere due to the non-availability of books, notebooks, & stationery items. And to justify this they have started sending fees notices to parents. My school used to give me the deadline of one month for fees payment, but now they are giving less time, only 10 days. 

Delhi's Chief Minister appealed all the employers not to cut anyone's salary, as this is the time to show up humanity. And I must say all the employers would be doing the same without considering even if they are earning or not, they are generating revenues or not. I am also paying my house-maid and the school cab driver who is currently not working as well. 

My concern is...

  • If all the employers have been asked to pay their staff salary by our Chief Minister, why doesn't it apply to the school? And if it does, then why parents would pay the fees to the school so they could pay a salary?
  • Shouldn't you consider the school as an employer as they are paying their staff salary?
  • How will a self-employed whose business is shut down pay their child's school fees?
  • Why should I pay a hefty amount of fees for an online video class of just 40 minutes?
  • How would I be able to pay fees when I am not able to earn being self-employed?

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Source: Here's what Delhi Education Minister has to say on fee waiver in schools

"We have been getting messages from parents that fee during the lockdown should be waived but schools say that how will they give salaries, which is also a genuine concern. The government has actively worked for parents as far as the matters about fees is concerned but right now it is a tricky situation. If anybody has concrete suggestions about a balanced way out of the situation, we request to share it with us," Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had said last week in online interaction with parents.

My Answer - Since the state is not receiving any revenue from any taxes as said live by Delhi Chief Minister, Delhi Government has asked its departments to stop all expenditures except salaries. So don't you think schools should be doing the same rather than putting the burden on the parents? 

There is an urgent need to waive off the school fees for three months (April, May, June), otherwise, it's going to get worse for parents, and unknowingly you will be creating a mess for everyone's finance. You know very well we all need to stay connected, help each other while making sure we have financial backups for our coming months after the lockdown period is over. That's why you stopped the other expenditures except for salary, right?

We are not saying that teachers shouldn't be paid their salary, that's not what we want at such time. They should be paid too, they got their families too.

But why would a school pay their staff salary from the parent's pockets?

Please sign my petition, asking Delhi Chief Minister, Education Minister, and Directorate of Education to immediately issue a directive asking all private schools to waive off & refund any fees for the next three months.


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