Save Diwali, Save Delhi!

Save Diwali, Save Delhi!

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A C started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister of Delhi) and

Delhi has been suffering from a severe air pollution issue since a few years now and air quality is degrading ever since. The capital of India has made its way to the top most polluted cities in the world. Despite this fact, during one of the main festivals of India, Diwali, crackers help add to this problem. AIQ(Air quality index) has been 'very poor' since late October 2018 and a life-sucking haze has engulfed the capital.

To counter this measure, Supreme Court of India has banned "harmful" crackers and replaced them with "green" crackers.

Green crackers are still crackers which will cater to noise and air pollution during this festival season. General public will somehow exceed the time limit set for the bursting of crackers and history of India's polluted festival will repeat itself.

After effects of crackers after diwali include :

  1. Human health
  2. Animal health
  3. Noise pollution 
  4. Air pollution 
  5. Decrease in visibility and hence, increase in accidents 
  6. Burning eyes and what not
  7. A spot on India's reputation, as the capital is the representative of a country. 

Tourists from abroad come to India to enjoy the most anticipated festival in India but can be seen using masks or coughing. This affects India's reputation globally

  1. It is therefore our request that all kinds of crackers and the practice of bursting crackers be banned, henceforth, during Diwali season. As we all are aware, last diwali observed bursting of crackers in Delhi despite the fact that sale of crackers was banned. Hence, it is not certain that the time slot will be helpful in curbing pollution. 
  2.  BAN ON CRACKER MANUFACTURING UNITS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The whole problem will be wiped out from the core once there's a ban on manufacturing of crackers. 

Of course crackers are not the only problem but they are one of the main constitutents of pollution and health hazards. 

Diwali as a festival does not need such practices which not only endanger animal-human life but also impacts the environment severely. Diwali is a festival of lights, smoke and noise are not required to celebrate it. Save Delhi, save your city, save Diwali and save yourselves. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!