Reduce the deadly levels of air pollution in Delhi NCR which is potentially killing people

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I am starting this petition with utmost discomposure, agony and extreme sadness. I would not have thought about doing it had it not been an utterly severe and life-threatening situation we find ourselves and our city collapsed in.

Delhi is choking. People can't even properly breathe when they get out. Crop burning, vehicular pollution, industrial smoke, soil dust, fire-crackers, combined with the menace of unregulated construction work has rendered the air of Delhi 10 times more toxic than the dangerous threshold judging by Indian norms, and a whopping 50 times more toxic than the World Health Organization suggested norms. Today, the suffocation I felt in trying to breathe the polluted air of Delhi led me to immediately find a chemist shop and buy a PM mask.

The AQI of Delhi reached levels of 500 in almost every major locality and an extremely threatening 999 in Punjabi Bagh area.

These are some of the short-term and long-term measures which could seriously bring down the pollution levels in our city and long term adherence to them could surely bring relief and welcome change in air quality of the city. It is a request to the concerned authorities to try and implement them as immediately as they can, as these are extremely hazardous times :

1) Resolution of state governments to immediately formulate a policy of curbing crop-burning. Putting in as much money as possible to facilitate alternative methods of crop waste disposal.

2) Systematic removal of old vehicles(cars) from the city. Cars which are older than a specific cycle of operation and which do not follow the standard environmental emission norms have to be removed thoroughly. Also,a considerable increase in fuel-based vehicle registration charges which have been implemented in countries like Singapore would seriously curb the ever increasing number of private vehicles in the city. 

3) Odd-even should immediately be imposed even if it is a short-term measure. The usage of private vehicles has to be curbed immediately.

4) Stabilization of soil dust by spraying water all around the city, again a short term measure but imperative. Artifical rain mechanisms could be used for inducing rains locally. 

5) Garbage burning in any area of the city has to be banned forever. The municipal corporation has to take care of all garbage and no disposal should be done by incineration.

6) Immediate purification of the city using air-purifiers (Electrostatic Precipitators) and removal of dust by vacuuming. Air-purifiers should be used to check the PM content in the atmosphere.

7) Complete ban on fire crackers after 10 pm at night regardless of any festival.

8) Promotion of electric vehicles and facilitation of the technology of electric or hybrid vehicles for future measures. Giving incentives to everyone to replace their fossil fueled vehicles with electric vehicles. Reducing the registration of electric vehicle charges to zero would be a very effective step. Installing chargers for the same purpose at every gas station and in public parking areas.

9) Curb on unregulated construction practices, especially uncovered construction, untimely and prolonged construction, unregulated material transportation, unstabilized soil and dust on the premises, no trees, etc.

10) The government can start an Environment Protection fund, and people like us can donate money to that fund so that more and more air purification is done using that money.

11) Making people aware that no prior permission is required to plant a tree on any green space of a public building or park or property would do wonders. We need approximately 430 trees per person while India has approximately 28. In the coming 20 years we need to increase the global forest cover by 800 million hectares. We have to start now! A major plantation drive to increase the green cover of the city could be taken up by the government.

12) Planned decentralization of industries in India to reduce the load of industrial-smoke and pollution on a single city as a long term measure. Planting proportionate number of trees and installing air-purifiers in industrial zones could be a short term measure.

13) Encouraging people to use public transport by increasing metro and bus facilities. Also facilitating the construction of environment friendly transport systems and bike-lanes while promoting and encouraging such environment friendly practices.

Also, on top of the suggested measures, these are the personal/social measures one could take to effectively reduce pollution from their own end, a responsibility which all of us must share :

1) Use of public transport, bike pooling and car pooling must be a culture we should practice and promote which reduces the load of vehicles on the roads of cities. We should make it a habit to share rides if we are alone or two in number, and only hire/ride privately when there are 3 or more people.

2) We should try to shift towards greener ways of transportation such as electric and hybrid vehicles as well as bicycles for shorter distances.

3) We must pledge not to burn garbage on the streets as well as stop littering the streets with our personal wastes. 

4) We must try to plant trees in and around our surroundings as much as possible, as well as promote this culture with the next generation and children.

5) We must try and stop the usage of plastic packaging as they are disposed by burning and burning of polythene/plastic also adds to the toxic air quality.

It is my request to you on the behalf of the residents of Delhi to take notice of these measures and implement them as promptly and sternly as possible. Please take care of this deadly situation. An immediate action is imperative because as of now, the situation of our city is like that of a nuclear war-zone where the people are waiting to be exposed and die a slow and painful death. The people of this city would be extremely relieved and grateful for your prompt action.

Your deliberate and sustained action could create an example of an environmental revolution, and our city could stand as a beacon of pollution free and green environment to the world. We could all dream.