Penalties & Pressure on Parali/Stubble Burners

Penalties & Pressure on Parali/Stubble Burners

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Suresh Kumar Singh started this petition to Prakash Keshav Javadekar (Environment Ministry of India)

We can't breathe in Delhi. It is a public health emergency as pollutants in the air have spiked to extremely toxic levels, The air is going to get worse over next 10 days if we do not raise up our concern. 

I started this petition on behalf of all NCR people.What is our fault that we are suffering from Hazardous Environment, which is not only effecting human being but also our NATURE altogether.

As we all know, the Thick Smog Layer on Delhi Clouds is equivalent as consuming 20-30 Ciggarettes Per Day. It is not just the Lungs that are Harmed but also childrens are Suffering from Skin Irritation & Burning Eyes that could severally effect our Organs. 

The people of entire NCR needs an answer why aren't PUNJAB Government, HARYANA Government, DELHI Government taking an Immediate Action to stop Stubble/paralli Burners. Only just by imposing 1000₹ as a penalty from the burners is not enough to stop the Burners from polluting entire NCR.

Seriously?? Do we think this PENALTY worked?? Rather the life of the NCR people is getting WORSE day by day. The normal Life Cycle of the entire Living Being is DISTURBED & in DANGER!!! 

I request to the Honourable GOVERNMENT, kindly consider my petition on behalf of all NCR people and take an IMMEDIATE & STRINGENT ACTION on Stubble Burners so that We can Peacefully Breathe. 

The thick blanket of smog, engulfing the city and its neighbouring areas like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, has affected life majorly. The zero-visibility caused by the hazardous air pollution

Even impede lung growth in children, which can lead to difficulties in breathing throughout their lives.

It is not just the lungs that are harmed permanently at a young age. Children in Delhi complain of skin irritations and burning eyes that could leave a lasting impact on both organs.

"" We are HELPLESS ""

The government must hold out the carrot and wield the stick to get farmers to stop burning crop stubble and releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, including particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micron across, the severest of graded penalties should escalate to non-procurement from areas where farmers burn stubble

Deterrents such as registration of FIRs and imposition of fines have not helped either. The National Green Tribunal has already ordered penalty ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 15,000 on the erring farmers. Four farmers were even booked under IPC section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) for burning paddy straw in Taran district, while a total fine amounting nearly Rs 55,000 was imposed on 22 others recently.

Yet, the farmers continue to burn stubble because they believe that hiring machinery to remove paddy will cost them more than fines.

""Government has to be strict on Stubble Burners""


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