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Delhi Government Bail Out FriendiCoes

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FriendiCoes may be forced to shut down due to the debt it's in. The East Municipal Corporation in Delhi owes the NGO Rs. 19 lakhs alone. Having volunteered there myself I know that the kind of work they do is irreplaceable. Furthermore, there is no government organization to my knowledge at least, which can rival the work that FriendiCoes does (do correct me if I'm wrong though). I believe that the Delhi Government should bail out FriendiCoes and let it continue providing shelter to thousands of hurt, abandoned, terrified and abused animals.

Most importantly, they care for those who haven't got a voice. Let me give you a small example. I rescued a baby peahen from a drain outside my house recently. I couldn't keep it because it was going mad in captivity, but FriendiCoes drove halfway across Gurgaon just to pick up a small bird who was the size of a tennis ball. It's that kind of attention that matters, and is lacking towards animals in India.

I would really lose my faith in India's attitude towards animal welfare if FriendiCoes are no longer allowed to do the work they do. I know FriendiCoes is asking for donations, but really, the debt they're in is a paltry sum in the larger scheme of things. The Delhi Government has set itself a moral standard and impetus which has captured the attention of citizens not one, but twice over. Therefore I am appealing directly to Mr. Kejriwal, in the hope that he is able to recognise how urgent the situation is. This government has formed itself on largely egalitarian principles, and I would like to see that equality extended to our four legged furry friends.

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