CM, Delhi Pls Call Upon Indian Armed Forces To Convert Delhi Stadiums Into Covid Hospitals

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I started this petition in 2020 when we were first hit by COVID cases. But it has been a year, and we still aren't equipped to fight the pandemic. We are hit by the second wave of COVID and are yet again falling short of beds and hospitals. We need stadiums and grounds to be turned into makeshifts hospitals as soon as possible so as to fight the crisis.


Covid Situation in Delhi has Exploded!

With only 29,000 patients  the medical infrastructure has collapsed and we are not able to provide proper treatment to the patients due to the lack of sufficient beds and doctors. People are dying in ambulances and outside hospital gates.

This number is set to grow to 5.5 lakhs by 31st July as per Dy CM Manish Sisodia, who is not a man known to give extravagant statements. This means 1 out of every 30 citizens of Delhi would be infected with Covid by the end of July, 2020. I believe even these are conservative estimates and the actual figures would be much higher.

You, Me & our Loved Ones may be amongst these 5.5 lakh patients. When we are unable to provide medical treatment to 29,000 patients today then how will we be able to provide life saving treatment to 5.5 lakh patients?

There is only one solution! We need to call the Indian Armed Forces to take over the medical facilities of Delhi, Government & Private. They have manpower, equipment and great medical expertise, which should be used to Save the citizens of Delhi in these dark times.

We need to request them to covert the various stadiums of Delhi like Talkatora Stadium, Indira Gandhi Stadium & Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium into Hospitals and requisition medical staff and equipment from Green and Orange  Zones around the country, to operate these new facilities.

Armed forces are impartial, honest, committed and competent and enjoy great public confidence and so they can best ensure availability of medical help to citizens, without any bias, negligence and favour.

We are already too late. The Covid Situation in Delhi is almost irreversible and if we don't force the Government to act immediately to ensure creation of additional medical facilities then thousands of lives will be lost and WE will be the Next NEW YORK.

Therefore PLEASE JOIN ME in requesting Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi; the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi & Manish Sisodia, Dy Chief Minister of Delhi to immediately call the Indian Armed Forces to take over the management and creation of Medical Facilities of Delhi.

Sign This Petition and maybe we can still save lives of someone's loved ones. 

Aman Banka & Aditya Dubey