Stop cash collection by private schools from students without any receipt

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Private schools keep inventing new ways everyday to collect as much money from students as they can. While annual fee increase is a big issue and discussed as many platforms every year, there are many more hidden tricks used.

School used to sell and enforce parents to purchase the books, stationary, uniform and many other related items at a price much higher than open market from either their compound or specific sellers. They even don't accept crossed cheque or digital payments and demand cash without providing a proper GST invoice.

CBSE issued a guideline last year to its affiliated schools for not indulging in such activities but later on silently took U-turn and allowed them to keep selling.

At many instances, they just send note with our child to bring some amount in cash for an event for which they cannot ask legally, like celebrating annual day of the school, sports event or prize distribution ceremony etc etc. They do so mostly for promoting their own business and brand, and might be showing that expense in their accounts to be done from the fee they collect.

However, they collect this money from students in cash only without giving any receipt or showing in their accounts and accumulate a huge amount as BLACK MONEY, which is then passed to the trustee and managers.

I believe its not me alone who feel so but its the case with almost every parent and guardian. We cannot be blind and contribute them silently in this anti-social and illegal act.

I need your support to get justice for ourselves and contribute in operation clean money to make our nation corruption free.

Sign my petition and appeal to the Indian Government to make a law so that private schools can no more collect cash for anything to stop them from making black money in any way.