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Artist Paints on the Ears of Elephants Killed for Trophies

In 1944, the skin of murdered humans was used for lampshades. 65 years later, the ears of murdered elephants are used as canvases for painting.

There were once 160 species of elephants on the planet. Today, there are only three. Of the remaining species, all three are endangered. Researchers have warned that by the year 2020, there could be no elephants left in the wild. We run the risk of losing them forever. And yet, although they are almost a universal symbol of the tragedy of species extinction, they continue to be hunted for their flesh, hide, tusks and ears. Yes, their ears.

For an average price of several thousand dollars, one can purchase a piece of art, depicting a scene of Africa or its people, or perhaps a portrait of one of these magnificent creatures themselves, painted upon the five-foot tall ear of what was once a majestic animal.

Should the US ban imports on elephant trophies?

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