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Retire the oldest captive Killer Whale, Lolita!

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Lolita is the worlds oldest Killer Whale in captivity, who was captured off of the caosts of Washington, and shipped to the Miami Seaquarium to become a slave to entertainment in the world's smallest killer whale tank.
By law, her tank is illegal in size and depth, but nothing has been done about this in years. The Seaquarium promised the building of a new lager tank, but instead spent the money on the new swim-with-dolphins facility, while Lolita lives in a deteriorating "whale puddle."
She has been performing the same stupid and unnatural tricks in exchange for being fed, all in the name of "research and education." It has been proven that we no longer have anything to learn from orcas in captivity, because they do not demonstrate wild behaviors.
Lolita also lives by herself, without another companion of her own species. This is a true tragedy because orcas are such delicate and social creatures; they thrive on interaction with others.
Lolita can be released because we have current information about the pod in which she was stolen from so many years ago, and funds have been raised to build her a sea pen and rehabilitate her to be introduced back into the wild. The only thing holding Lolita back is the Seaquarium, and they don't want to release her because she is their star attraction, and they would lose money without her.

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