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Australians Responding to Serious Flaws in Internet Systems and Technology

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Stop. Collaborate and listen.

We in Australia are discriminated against because of our geographical location. The system we are forced to operate in is outdated, expensive and slow. We at A.R.S.F.I.S.T strive to see an end to geo-blocking discrimination, we demand faster more affordable access to content and subscribe to the ideals of a free, fair and open internet.

It's time for our lawmakers to get with the times and stop pandering to Rupert 'Fucking' Murdoch. YES we do want Game of Thrones, YES we will pay for it. But NO we don't want your fucking shit, outdated subscription based, 'bloated with advertising' bullshit.

Don't think that you've gotten away with it Mr NB fucking N. We are currently ranked 44th in the world in internet speeds. How are we supposed to compete with Slovakia, Thailand and Germany if we can't even get a solid connection? Don't even get us started about tha gad dam kiwis across the ditch. They are beating us in the Rugby, Netball and now the god damn Internet speed. Shame, shame, shame.

You need to get this shit sorted or we have no chance of becoming the innovative country we know we can be. Your ideas boom will become an ideas bust if you don't speed us up. Facebook Twitter  



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