Allow Safe Standing At The Emirates Stadium In The North Bank and Clock End

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From the view of the fans who attend the games at the Emirates nearly every week, we all find one thing in common. The lack of atmosphere. I am bringing this petition to the heads of Arsenal Football Club to address them that Safe Standing is the way forward, for the safety and security of the fans, but also the atmosphere. Atmosphere plays a big role in pushing the players and acting as the 12th Man, so let's make this a movement towards Safe Standing at the Emirates!

Safety: Now, Safe Standing is proved to be able to safely stand crowds of football fans in a stadium, with the easy assemble of a bar Infront of every seat, it can help to prevent any injuries, decrease steward supervision for the safety of fans when standing and help build atmosphere for the fans to enjoy!

Celtic have already installed safe standing, so there is no reason why Arsenal should not be permitted to install safe standing Aswell. Nowadays with the consistency of the technology being used, we no longer need to fear of an event like Hillsborough happening again. So please, help us restore the values that the fans in a stadium deserve, the freedom to build atmosphere in a safe environment.

Thank you