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Slade Green has long been forgotten by everyone now we have been told that the 428 bus route will no longer travel to Darenth Valley/Bluewater and will terminate at Crayford. We the undersigned want to petition Arriva London to continue with the current bus route. 

Without this bus route the people of Slade Green have no direct route to a local hospital. Elderly people and those that do not drive use this service to attend appointments and Accident and Emergency services. Without this bus route it will put extra pressure on the ambulance service and will be detrimental to local peoples health. 

Currently it can take an hour plus on a good day to get to Darenth Valley, travel time will be massively increased and pressure put on other services if residents have to travel on different routes. The 96 which is the only other bus that travels to Darenth is already overstretched by the time the bus arrives at Crayford passengers are rejected because they are overfull.

We ask Arriva London to rethink their plans for the bus route and help the residents of Slade Green.

We also feel that this will make more residents isolated and will affect their health as people won't be able to attend appointments.

We also feel that this will have an affect on economy as people will not be able to access Dartford or Bluewater easily.

We cannot get to any other hospital directly Queen Mary's -2 buses, Queen Elizabeth's 2 buses. Most appointments are give at Darenth Hospital.

Please help us