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Arrest the Radlett Rapist

This is Important as this could happen to any woman  and does regardless of Status! The story of the Abuse:

Renting an apartment in Radlett from Landlord Mr Gaetan Schurrerr Nov 2008, there was a couple of incidents with Chris Williams Gaetan's so called "Agent" before things settled down. But by January2009 The woman Anna was informed by Chris williams in no Uncertain terms Gaetan Schurrerr wanted his flat back and she had to leave! Anna  refused.

 Mr williams then threatened the woman that Gaetan would get some men round with big muscles and then she would have to go! 

The woman refused, but while out shopping one day in jan 2009  the woman Anna received a disturbing phone call from a"Steve" to say Geatan and his friends were in her Flat and they were throwing her things out and she had better get back..Anna Phoned the Police little knowing that some of the officers were extremely abusive to her goading her and making fun of her (which she later reported to the IPCC..Anna then received phone calls during the time of ringing the Police from an unknown female which she beleives to be known to  Chris Williams and Gaetan Schurrerr.

Illegal eviction happened Anna owed no rent and her Rental lease was not up! Anna was homeless for four days and slept in an old van, She was working for a Charity at the time and She was taken to a Solicitor where She did go to court and was able to have occupancy of the flat again and for Gaetan Shurrerr to leave.

Anna received some small compensation to damage of goods and Homelessness.At this time Landlord Gaetan Shurrerr would show up at Anna's flat when ever he could and kept making threats that he would get her and cause her big problems and make terrible things happen to her.(Anna is willing to take a lie detector for all this information).Anna tried to ignore Gaetan Shurrerr as she is a Positive person .

 At the time his Friend and right hand man Chris Williams was appointed lapdog by Mr Schurrerr to carry out lies around the neighbourhood Anna had stolen thousands of pounds from them. Word spread Anna was a thief and Prostitute and not to be trusted horrible gossip was everywhere.It was Horrible really horrible for this woman as She felt  Devastated as she had developed deep feelings for Chris Williams  Hence why it was very Difficult toknow what to do about the Abuse so as not to hurt The feelings of chris williams friends no matter what they did!

Anna was new to the area and didn’t know many people which made things worse. A neighbour who were the landlords friend (Jim Spain) said he knew how to get Anna as he knew everyone in the  Sqaure where she lived and he would make sure she left the area. Anna called the police nothing was done. Anna received abusive text message from Mr Williams calling me all sorts of names for calling the police on his friends. Mr Williams son J Williams whom Anna was told was  a police officer and his girlfriend started being abusive and told a potential landlord not to have Anna as a tenant as She had stolen thousands from them.

At the start 3 men tried to break into Anna's Flat (owned by Gaetan) saying they were going to rape  her...then Anna received phone calls from Craigs list in America and England with people making threats as the adverts said that’s what she liked! Anna told the Police but no proper investigation happened. then a few months later a local man started following Anna around town first in his van then in the super market. Anna screamed at the rapist Mark, eventually in the super market and he ran off...Meanwhile Anna tried to keep her head up, but Mr Williams and Mr schurrerrs friends became worse.

 Anna started going to a bar to see if she could see Mr Williams and maybe speak to him .then people started finding out gossip she had stolen money?? then things got worse Anna was shouted at by two girls whom she was starting to know they then became nasty and started making comments about her situation with Mr Williams.The Woman Anna was devastated and deeply hurt. After the following Incidents Anna stupidly didnt want to say anything or Complain to Chris Williams in case She hurt his feelings and his friends and family. Anna felt trapped and couldn’t believe he (Chris) could be so nasty and a Horrible lier and Gossip.

Jim Spain would make threatening Glances at Anna when ever he could and stop and stare at her and give her the Chills it was as if he was Pure evil!

.Months later leading up to the attempted rape by Mark, Anna started seeing a few of Mr Schurrerrs friends outside the bar where they do not normally hang out just staring at her whether she was walking past or speaking to someone inside..then one evening walking past the horrible man mark, driving in his car , he saw Anna and started driving slowly and kept following Anna as she walked on. Mark the Rapist kept asking Anna to get in the car with him! Anna tried to get home and cut into a short cut then onto another road he(Mark the Rapist) then caught up with Anna and started going on about her, saying perverted nasty things. Anna realised he( Mark was  not sane at all, and she went to a door and pretended she was going in, he(Mark) then drove off..Anna walked on up Scrubbitts park road Radlett where she lived, and from nowhere Mark the Rapist appeared in front of her, and made an attempt to come towards her then the rapist stood in the pavement and started daring Anna to go past him. Ann went under some stairs and into another property and he (Mark the Rapist) ran off.

 Anna then headed onto her Square where she Lived and out of the large bushes/trees in the dark he pounced and tried to grab Anna and drag her into the bushes  Mark the Rapist is a very large man! Anna was shocked and ran away form him,he ran after her, Telling her that she can call the police as they were not going to do anything anyway!!!(????)( She didn’t scream she just couldn’t)after all the horrible stuff about her  couldn’t Scream. (Anna just wanted to  hide away) after all he was being Supported by all in the Town.Why was the Square so Dark and Jim Spains window Lights off they NEVER EVER ARE!!!

The Rapist Mark was running after her then she ran down some stairs and managed to Press a buzzer, Mark Just Only Just  missed grabbing her and ran off when he heard Anna talking to someone, yes talking! as she had got to a door buzzer,the neighbour came out and this rapist just was walking away calmly as if nothing had happened???

Anna called the Police and they said they would get a community officer(Community Officer) round who came the next day Anna saw some other police also?they took her details and they said they would find out where he lived, Anna gave them a number which is normally on the van he( Mark the Rapist) Drives, and the Police  came back to Anna and told her they phoned him(Mark) and he denied it and they couldn’t do anymore as he didn’t actually rape Anna, so they didnt see any reason to Arrest him mor Bring him in for questioning!

 So to leave it at that????....Anna find this disgusting. Anna told the police She is not happy about it and it should be investigated, and they just were not going to!! 

Later on Anna decided to see for herself who else would know about him and what he did,so Anna went to one of the bars The rapsit goes to, and Spoke to a Manager and he said he knew him ( Mark the Rapsit)(and he would keep an eye out Anna went in the bar to see what he would do, looking for a sign and he sat there with a Local  man from Royal mail who was saying to Mark the rapist he should have raped Anna etc !! Anna didn’t say anything as there was a female friend of Mr Williams and Mr Schurrerr called Annabelle who was with her husband, they were acquaintances of Anna's also, Anna thought they would say something to him (Mark the rapsit)but they didn’t they joined in by laughing with him..

Anna then realised it was all set up by these people around the area and whom were friends with the Landlord and his Agent. Then a man whom Anna knew vaguely and another stranger came up to her one day and asked her what happened..They said this man(Mark the Rapist) had raped his sister in her house in the past but he got away with it as she was scared . Then two women came up to Anna and said they were in a Taxi one day when he attempted to follow them home in his Car they were scared and got the Taxi to Drive Elsewhere. 

Anna couldn’t get another place to live Anna kept hearing estate agents saying they got phone calls from some man who also Part owned the flat belonging to Mr Shurrerr but they were not Sure if it was Mr shurrerr himself?about me!?? Even though anna had Occupied another flat it couldnt work as there was too Much stress in keeping her head above water so Anna became homeless  for a while though she still was working for the Charity  after a year Anna finally found somewhere but during that time Anna had tried to talk to the police but to no avail , During that time though the abuse continued Anna would receive verbal attacks by certain men (some ex neighbours as I walked down the road..Or somewhere Unexpected places out of the Blue One leading to a Sexual assault as close to Nove 2011 the man Claiming he remembers me from Annas Time in Radlett!! the  Anna wrote to the IPCC and the Police have now Blocked an investigation citing length of time, which is rubbish the perpetrators and inciters of this crime work for fire and rescue service and the police force and have friends in these forces and want to cover up what has happened. There are People in radlett remaining Silent like a well known local woman Called Tali who Incited non Stop Vindictive Hate towards Anna by Calling her Nasty horrible Names and anna now comes to realise  had a part in Instigating another Rape and attack on this woman Anna.

Anna is  really un happy and Upset and very Angry that so many in the village new this was happening and did nothing, nothing at all which is to my mind is evil because a weaker person would have died or a young girl or old woman would have been very, very frightened and lost their life also trying to cope and very un-happy that the Police and treat a sex/Hate  crime as nothing simply Because they want to cover there backs and cover up for the failing police Officersa anbd Friends of the Horrible people involved.

As Human Beings we must not let this happen.

Anna is not a Victim but Regrets not taking affirmative Responsive Action against the Cowards of Radlett.

Think! what would you the Public want your Daughter /Sister/Mother/Aunt/Niece, to do?

Could it be that Mark the Rapist has struck before..!!

Imagine if someone you Love was keeping silent no Matter how bubbily on the outside!

Would you want a Private Prosecution against these people, and those in the know?? YES!

Thank you to all for taking the Time to read this.

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