Arrest Ashir Azeem for Provoking Pak Army to Kill Peaceful Protestors

Arrest Ashir Azeem for Provoking Pak Army to Kill Peaceful Protestors

11 November 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Najeeb Chughtai

Yesterday I was surfing on and while surfing I have gone through a Youtube Channel whose link is as follows;

The Name & Owner of the Youtube Channel

His Youtube Channel Link;

Ashir Azeem

A Pakistani National presently living in

Burlington, ON, CA Canada.


Contact Details:

Mobile # +92 304 2222153


The approx. Transcript is written according to his hate speech is as follows;

While residing in Canada, He is deliberately spreading hate & Violence in his videos and provoking Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and his fellow Army Officers serving in different intelligence Agencies to hold severe and Bloody Actions against the People of Pakistan who are holding peaceful protests against Fascist Regime imposed forcefully and unconstitutionally on us for last 7 months and has constitutional Right to protest and obtain our Civil Rights. We are protesting according to the International laws forced by International Human Rights Commission and United Nations Human Right Organization.

According to the transcript, he is also insisting and provoking in his Hate Speech, video evidence in the above-mentioned link that The Chief of Army Staff Gen Bajwa to smash the Peaceful Pakistani Protestors and kill as low as 500 protesters and as many as 5000 peaceful protestors or more till the peaceful protestors dispersed.

His negative approach could result in catastrophic situation for peaceful protestors in Pakistan. The video and its Transcript as evidence can be presented to the honorable Investigative Agencies or forums concerned at anytime, anywhere in the World or in any Court of Justice or forum.

Therefore, in this critical situation, we, as peaceful Protestors of Pakistan are pleading our case in-front of the respected forums, the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) and the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and other responsible forums to please help us file Case against the accused Ashir Azeem in Canada and bring him to the court of Justice.



Najeeb Chughtai


Think Tank Pakistan


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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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