Send Reid to ASF

Send Reid to ASF

September 1, 2020
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Started by Devon Atkinson

This is Reid
Was an OS to ARPH and former owners shaved him down and used a shock collar on him. 5 years old.
He has resource guarding issues.
He was taken into ARPH rescue program. He did not get a chance to properly decompress and adjust to his new circumstances and as a result there was an incident and he bit while guarding the person he imprinted on during transition. It was a warning bite. He did 10 days QT and was fine.
Again he was moved to another foster and he has bitten again BUT the foster admitted it was his fault...not a bad bite, but it 'drew blood'...


Their board has decided he is 'Aggressive'
And they are married to their procedures and will not even consider an alternative.

An offer has been made TWICE to the ARPH BOARD for ASF to take him and get him Rehab training for his resource guarding. This would absolve ARPH of any responsibility or liability for Reid.

The Board of ARPH prefers to kill Reid rather than help him.

Funny, I always thought RESCUE was about helping even the less than perfect dogs!

Email the ARPH Board!

#sendreidtoasf #savereid


This petition made change with 1,104 supporters!

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