Tell Aroma Espresso Bar Canada to take a stand for animals!

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Aroma Espresso Bar Canada has no public policy to prevent horrific suffering of the chickens used in its menu items. Aroma Espresso Bar Canada should publicly pledge not to purchase chickens from facilities that use breeds that grow so fast they can’t support their own weight or that slaughter chickens by hanging them by their feet, dragging them through electrified water, and then cutting their throats—sometimes while the birds are fully conscious.  

Aroma Espresso Bar Canada has fallen behind the leadership of other Canadian food companies on issues of animal welfare and transparency. Other Canadian food chains have published commitments to comprehensive animal welfare standards for the chickens in their supply chains, banning many of the cruelest factory farming practices. These chains include Starbucks, Burger King, Tim Hortons, Pita Pit, and Campbell’s. But Aroma Espresso Bar Canada has failed to publish a comprehensive animal welfare policy for the chickens raised and slaughtered in its supply chain.

Mercy For Animals has informed thousands of consumers of Aroma Espresso Bar Canada’s failure to take action on this issue, yet the company still fails to act.

Important Campaign Update: We have new plans to take to the streets! We will be in the company’s home city of Toronto leafleting outside Aroma Espresso Bar locations near university campuses, starting in the early weeks of January 2019. Please join us in telling Aroma Espresso Bar Canada to commit to a public policy that does better for chickens!

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