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Dear Mr. Arnold W. Donald, CEO Carnival Corporation:

Sir, there are scores of millions of Bible-believing Christians that have ancient and proud beliefs and traditions regarding family life and personal conduct. We are good, honest, and upright people; however, daily we find ourselves facing an ever increasing and intrusive onslaught against our faith, creed, values, core beliefs and mockery against our God whom we know is Jesus the Christ (Yeshua) by the media, music industry,  corporations, foundations, lobbyist-bribed politicians, and ever more egregious  entertainers and celebrities who are the pitchmen and priest of anti-Christian discrimination, heteronormative bigotry, and militant homosexism. Corporations and big businesses like yours support groups that demean and humiliate us, and we can no longer hold our peace.


Our scriptures teach us to be wise stewards of our money and resources. This kind of Biblical wisdom must be bereft in the corporate and major not-for-profit foundation boardrooms of America. Evidence of our assumption is the huge sums of money given to groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) that have fomented chaos and racial conflict all over America. Not only has corporate and foundation money caused conflict between all of God's children but has made religious intolerance, homonormative bigotry, and reverse racism fashionable.

This week corporations like yours did major harm to the entire Christian community because Carnival Corporation fund Black Lives Matter and the Ellen Degeneres Show which has cruelly and sadistically defamed, libeled, harassed, slandered, and economically punished a beautiful Christian minister and  Gospel chanteuse extraordinaire --the Rev. Kim Burrell.


In particular, Ellen Degeneres, whom you do business with, coldly and unjustly caved in to Black Lives Matter (in particular Mr. Deray McKesson) bullies whom falsely accused Rev. Burrell of being an anti-homosexual bigot whom they libelously misrepresented one of her sermons as gay-bashing—instead of respecting her freedom of religion and freedom of speech. As a result of Ellen's anti-Christian beliefs fueled by her listening to only homosexual activists, she took a McCartyite-like homonormative micro-aggressive stance against Burrell. In Ellen’s effort to fight one alleged discrimination (homophobia) she embraced another discrimination (anti-Christian hatred); thus, she cancelling Rev. Kim Burrell's appearance on her show. Ellen’s acquiescing to militant homosexuals made matters worse—as what happens whenever reason yields to the angry clamor of a mob. Following Ellen’s lead countless persons and organization began attacking Rev. Burrell, therefore, the show you sponsored stoke fires of hatred and intolerances of anti-believers and Christians nationally—this is all over social media where most people get their news and information. Some of those have gone as far as to threaten Rev. Burrell and others.

 From our vantage point, someone in the business realm whom finances this anti-Christian intolerance must be brought to heel. We have determined that Carnival Corporation should feel the anger of the Christian community. However, Carnival Corporation can make amends by having Ellen Degeneres apologize to Rev. Kim Burrell and help her repair her life that is in tatters, or face an organized boycott and public education campaign about your corporations infamous history of discrimination against many communities. We tolerated the blistering excesses and insults of the Obama years, but this era will end soon. We pray that God touches your heart to feel something for the Rev. Kim Burrell who has received countless death threats from people who watch the Ellen show or harbor anti-Christian hatred financed by big business. Perhaps, you might not feel anything for the sentiments of mere Christians, but you do care about your corporate bottom line, dividends, market share, and negative publicity. No one knows what to expect of the present market, but you can rest assured that you will face economic reprisals via boycotts if you do not cease and desist unconditional support of the Ellen Show or other anti-Christian entities. With God all things are possible.




Christians for Rev. Kim Burrell (CKRM)

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