Tell Ontario government to say NO to Ag-Gag laws and inhumane animal regulations.

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Ontario is considering creating horrific laws which prevent animal agriculture industries from being subjected to outside investigations or public exposure of their practices. For an industry that works with sentient living beings with a problematic history of animal welfare, the idea of being completely self regulated is terrifying. Canadians want transparency and accountability in their food systems and this is actively preventing that. Any food industry should be subject to undercover investigations, independant documentation, and public protest should they be practicing in unethical ways, especially if related to living beings. To ban undercover investigations will create a horrific atmosphere of untold violence and cruelty towards animals while removing accountability. The majority of convictable cases of animal cruelty on farms has been a result of undercover investigations. 

The signed urge the Ontario government to reject these laws that help only economic profit while creating unimaginable suffering for hundreds of thousands of animals.