Say No To Wetlands Fill In Mt. Pleasant

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Say No To Wetlands Fill In Mt. Pleasant

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The public has only a few days left to speak out against the proposed filling in of freshwater wetlands at the future site of The Atlantic apartments development on Ben Sawyer Blvd in Mt. Pleasant on the old Channel 4 property by the marsh headed out to Sullivan's Island. Please sign this petition to indicate your opposition to the permit application seeking to fill these wetlands and pave over them for a parking lot. Denial of this wetlands fill permit application means the developer will have to leave the wetlands undisturbed in their natural state and build around them.

The development plan voted for by Linda Page, Elton Carrier, Mark Smith, and Bob Brimmer for The Atlantic project this summer includes the filling of freshwater wetlands adjacent to saltwater marsh so a parking lot can be built for the 200+ apartments planned for the site. A permit application has been submitted to the Army Corps & SC-DHEC by the developer. The public has the right to comment on the permit, but the Army Corps is only accepting comments until Wednesday, November 8th (Nov 23rd for DHEC).

Link to Army Corps permit application:

When a similar permit was applied for two years ago before getting pulled when the Town voted to deny the project, the SC Environmental Law Project wrote a letter to the Army Corps outlining the reasons the permit should be denied. Chief among those reasons is the fact the Coastal Management Plan states "Residential development which would require filling or other permanent alteration of salt, brackish, or freshwater wetlands will be PROHIBITED, unless NO FEASIBLE alternatives exist or an overriding public interest can be demonstrated, and any substantial environmental damage can be minimized." Further, the CMP states that the destruction of wetlands "for residential purposes must be avoided WHENEVER POSSIBLE."

While one of the two wetlands on the property is little more than an old drainage ditch, the other wetland to the rear of the property is in a natural state surrounded by trees and is adjacent to critical salt marsh where wading birds and wildlife reside.

If you have a chance to also submit written comments, you must mail them signed with your signature. They don't have to be lengthy or technical ... just simply state your opinion in a short paragraph if you'd like. The addresses for submitting comments are as follows (* Make a reference to: P/N SAC-2007-00194 at the top of your letter):

The address for the Corps is:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
69A Hagood Avenue
Charleston, South Carolina 29403-5107

The address for DHEC is:
The Department of Health and Environmental Control
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
1362 McMillan Avenue
Charleston, South Carolina 29405

Project Manager is Courtney Stevens. You may contact her at (843) 329-8027 with any questions.

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This petition had 12,974 supporters

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