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Armando Veiria Denied Lawful Marriage

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Armando Vieira was my fiance and was unlawully deported 7 days before our wedding with our marriage certificate in hand.  This violates Immigration Law and the Constitution.  He was unlawfully deported, locked up for 8 months in detention and denied our marriage inside detention even though lawful paperwork was filled out.

He was denied visitation and phone calls, - against all Immigration laws.  He was denied release based on our finances, and denied provisions of Immigration law, which allowed for our lawful marriage.

Armando entered this country legally, and has 3 American children.  He was paying child support to his youngest child. 

Armando signed over power of attorney to me, and still his appeal paperwork was unlawfully denied, as was my fiance petition.  He would have been protected under the Family Act, the marriage to me, and a fiance petition.

No deportation can take place prior to an appeal, he was denied his appeal and tricked out of it by a Massachusetts Judge in order to manipulate him out of his rights.  They were telling people in "hold" that they would have to wait too long, so that they would signed under duress, their forced decision to go back to their countries.  When I got to see Armando and tell him what they were doing, he had been bullied him into signing a waiver.

Since his appeal was never allowed, the entire process was truly unfair, and it is for this reason, I would ask for the right thing to be done now. 

ICE, and Homeland Security DENIED my rights to visition, phone calls, and even though I had filled out the paperwork to marry him inside detention, they then they prevented me from visitation and would not let us marry.

Excuses were used to ignore the law.  Armando's long struggles were things he fought hard to overcome, & still support his family, however they do not over ride due process.  His ex wife, myself, and 2 older children petitioned for him in a hearing to stay here, at great expense to travel to Boston and attend this hearing.  They tried to bully all of us inside the hearing in order to deny Armando's rights to stay, and his pending marriage to me was 100% reason that he would get to stay.  Children need their father, and were shattered to learn that his status was denied & Immigration laws and the Family act ignored.

I still have power of attorney over Armando at this time,  I am seeking to reverse the ruling, and uphold immigration laws after these horrible injustices and mistakes were made.

I am asking now, the this petition, force the Deptartment of Homeland Security to do the lawful thing, and allow him back, and to compensate him for his unlawful removal out of the USA after being here for 24 years.  They collaped his business, and took him away from his children and from me.  

Immigration laws that were meant to protect him, were used to abuse him, and cot him 8 months of detention to torment him, and then an unlawful deporation. He needs to be compensated for what this did to him, his life and his family

The right  thing has to be done moving forward, and he needs to be able to come back her and marry me, his fiance. 

Armando has been in Brazil for almost 3 years now & is waiting to come back.

Immigration & ICE must apply Immigration Law, accept and expedite a fiance petition to go through, and let him return.

Armando deserves compensation for what was unlawfully done to him.

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