Please hear out voice!

Please hear out voice!

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Bu kampanya neden önemli?

Başlatan: Gökay Alveroğlu

We are way too poor in Mod of Arma 3 game which has an irrefutable player potential in Turkey.
After the producer company makes the game Turkish, we want it to make Turkish Military Forces' inventory in DLC format. We want them to hear our voice. We want them to support us, Turkish players.
Why can't we do it as mod?
Mod producers does not care about this issue and it is very hard to integrate mod to Arma3. Many countries in the world can develop their own mod but we cannot.
Turkish Mod Team claims that it makes studies about this issue but the only thing it has added since 2014 is a single helicopter.
They cannot make a single improvement. when we tell this to Arma 3 staff on twitter they tell us that Turkish Mod Team does it.
What if Bohemia Interactive Company does it?
It will make more Turkish players to play the game and make great amount of profit out of this DLC.
Please hear our voice!

2.247 kişi imzaladı. Hedefimiz 2.500.