Arlingtonians Opposed to Upzoning- no matter where you live, upzoning is coming to you!

Arlingtonians Opposed to Upzoning- no matter where you live, upzoning is coming to you!

May 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by No Upzoning

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The Arlington County (Virginia) Board’s new zoning plan will allow all lots to be "upzoned" and redeveloped as multi-unit dwellings up to 6 units on any home lot. Similar plans are in the works in cities across the country. Support this precedent setting lawsuit.


Neighbors for Neighborhoods, LLC needs your contributions for the lawsuit, big or small.  Click here.

The Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court appointed Judge Schell to preside over the lawsuit filed by Blankingship & Keith on behalf of 10 Arlington County homeowners to declare Missing Middle Housing/Expanded Housing Options zoning unlawful. All of Arlington’s Circuit Court judges recused themselves from hearing this case.

This lawsuit is the only action that might put a stop to the developers wrecking balls destroying affordable homes, displacing low income earners, and ending single-family zoning by densifying with high-end housing. Success of this lawsuit will be a precedent for other communities.

A hearing was held Sept. 19, 2023 on a number of motions including the County's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The judge will give his decision at a hearing on October 19th.

The Board voted to implement this plan on March 18, 2023 despite the opposition of thousands of Arlington residents. More than 6,000 people have signed this petition opposing the Board’s plan to end single-family zoning and allow multi-family buildings, including 6-plexes, across Arlington. In the County’s own July 2022 survey, 75% of respondents opposed the Plan.

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Email County Board and tell them you continue to oppose "Missing Middle Housing/Expanded Housing Options" upzoning:;;;;;; 

Donate! Donate to the lawsuit here!

View Slides -What problem are we solving?: Jon Ware prepared these slides in August 2023 for Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Future (ASF). ASF is not a party to the EHO litigation.

Continue to display yard signs available from AFUT ( and ASF (

Keep up with facts and get on email update lists at Arlingtonians for Upzoning Transparency ( and Arlingtonians for our Sustainable Future (

Attend Open Door Mondays meetings with County Board members:

Speak at County Board meeting public speaking time:

Write Letters to the Editors: Washington Post,; Gazette Leader,

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Support now
Signatures: 6,181Next Goal: 7,500
Support now