Allow pedicabs to continue operating in Arlington Texas

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City of Arlington Texas : Allow Pedicabs Continued Operation


We the undersigned support this petition and request that the Mayor and City Council of Arlington Texas allow pedicabs and neighborhood electric vehicles continued operation.

Since 2009 pedicabs and neighborhood electric vehicles have been allowed to operate in the entertainment district of Arlington Texas providing a unique and vital transportation option to nearly one million customers. Now, pending a review, our program and industry might be eliminated. Upon completion of construction of the Dallas Cowboys new stadium the fledgling industry began and has since provided a reliable and convenient means of transportation. In the last 7 years pedicabs have provided service to literally hundreds of thousands of fans while enhancing their experience. Pedicabs also lighten the traffic congestion while providing a green transportation alternative. Customers include special needs individuals, the elderly, families with small children and others. In many cases remote parking requires long walks to these venues. Rides of 1 mile or longer are not uncommon. On average a pedicab covers 25-30 miles over the course of an event. That’s a lot of walking. We move more people per hour at these venues than taxi cabs and Uber combined. The city cites safety and congestion as factors for ending the program. These are valid issues that can be mutually addressed to affect change and improvement. Ending the program would not only put an undue burden on those who have come to rely on our service, it would also cause financial devastation for both owners and operators. Conservative estimates on lost revenue would be nearly $1.6 million dollars per year! Yes that’s $1.6 million. This is a fact based estimate and not a typo. That’s a lot of families who can’t be fed or bills not paid. Not to mention the economic impact to the city itself as much of that money goes back into the local economy. Please help our cause by supporting this petition with your signature and share with friends and family when possible. 

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