Get APS to follow their own policy

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APS made a policy that students should get asynchronous time to do work and they should get no work outside of that. This is not happening. A direct quote from APS’s policy “Homework: Students are encouraged to engage in nightly independent reading of their choice. Beyond that, no additional assignments/homework will be required outside of the expectations for asynchronous work that is part of students’ daily class time, or the 30 minutes per subject of asynchronous work assigned for Mondays.” Link to Policy.  One anonymous aps student said “I have been getting so much work it is not uncommon for me to be having one or two mental breakdowns a day.” Another anonymous student said “I have been getting so much work that I don’t have any free time anymore and I feel stressed every minute of every day, and I was working almost all day today(October 12) even though it is supposed to be a day off” Another anonymous aps student said “i have a lot of the brain issues so its really really hard and online school makes NO sense especially when they expect us to change to a new form of learning and still using the teaching style that makes it super duber hard to get things figured out if youre not neurotypical(which is normal of the school system) but even then, by the end of the second week i had 32 missing assignments and theres no way that should even be possible.” Based on these comments, it’s clear APS is not following the policy, or at least not making the schools enforce it. The worst part is, parents have complained and don’t get much of a response. This needs to be solved. Most kids will be going back to school at the earliest in January and that’s only if they choose hybrid. We can’t keep our mental health well and keep up with all this work at the same time. Not to mention all the damage from being on screens all day could cause. Please sign this petition so we can help out the students of APS