Revise Boundaries in a fair manner. Prevent continued overcrowding at Nottingham.

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Nottingham Elementary School PTA Resolution

Regarding APS Elementary Seats Boundary Refinement Process

WHEREAS, Arlington Public Schools ("APS") has experienced dramatic growth—19 percent over the past five years—and expects that trend will likely continue;

WHEREAS, Nottingham Elementary School has experienced the highest growth rate within APS -- 33 percent -- over the same five year period;

WHEREAS, Nottingham has consistently been over capacity for several years, necessitating the use of trailers since the renovated building opened in 2006;

WHEREAS, Nottingham is now 141.7% over capacity for the current 2014-15 school year, with ten trailers housing our entire fourth and fifth grades;

WHEREAS, on May 17, 2013, in an effort to relieve overcrowding and balance enrollment , the APS School Board approved new neighborhood boundaries for eight North Arlington elementary schools, which included the transfer of planning units 1607 and 1608 to Nottingham, with a capacity utilization of 105.1%. APS now projects that, by including planning units 1607 and 1608 within its neighborhood boundaries, Nottingham will have 119.49% capacity utilization in 2016, which is expected to increase to 137.0% by 2024-2025;

WHEREAS, the Nottingham PTA is concerned that continued overcrowding at Nottingham will adversely impact the ability of the school’s administration and staff to effectively educate students and provide for their safety;

THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that the Nottingham PTA strongly opposes any plan for elementary boundaries that leaves Nottingham more overcrowded than nearby elementary schools, particularly those with a history of slower growth, and strongly opposes any plan that puts Nottingham over capacity while there is existing capacity at other elementary schools;

AND IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nottingham PTA respectfully requests that APS fully relieve overcrowding at Nottingham by transferring planning units 1607 and 1608 to schools other than Nottingham, as well as consider additional planning units be reviewed and adjusted for a more equitable distribution of the overcrowding burden.;

AND IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Nottingham PTA opposes the continued reliance on trailers to address chronic, long-term overcrowding.



















Bob Adamson, President


Nottingham Elementary School PTA


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