Save the Name of Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, VA

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Recent events in Charlottesville, VA have set off a national controversy relating to preservation of American history that occurred during a period of deep conflict.  In many cities across the nation, protesters are calling for the removal of statues, street names, or any memorial to the fallen soldiers in a war that pitted brother against brother. 

And, now, in Arlington, VA, some have urged the Arlington County Public School Board to rename Washington-Lee High School.  Washington and Lee were both men of honor and sons of Virginia.  Before the Civil War, General Lee was sought for his expertise by North and South, and even after the war, despite his fears that his name would be in reprobate, companies from across the country sought him out to lead them because of his leadership, talent and character. And, Lee, after the Civil War was a key figure in preserving a public school for newly freed slaves, standing against a vocal community in opposition.  If diversity and inclusion is our strength, we cannot bury our stars.

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