RiverHouse Neighbors for Sensible Density

RiverHouse Neighbors for Sensible Density

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Petition - RiverHouse Neighbors for Sensible Density

This petition pertains only to the proposed plan for the RiverHouse site located between S. Joyce and S. Lynn Streets.  It does not pertain to other parts of the proposed Pentagon City Sector Plan. [If you would like to donate to our effort DON'T DO IT via Change.org, as we get none of the funds collected here. Rather, visit our GoFundMe page https://gofund.me/f74c2108. Thank you!]

I oppose:

The tripling of the population density on the RiverHouse site from medium density to high density.

Up to 18 new buildings, including two 17 stories or higher, on a site which already holds three large buildings containing 1,674 units making it the fourth-largest apartment complex in Greater Washington. 

The drastic reduction of tree canopy from approximately 40% to 20% while calling it a “biophilic design.”

The irreparable damage to the well-being of a long-established neighborhood if the community infrastructure is not commensurate with the proposed growth.  

The rushing of the Pentagon City Planning Study while residents are dealing with the stresses of the pandemic. 

I request:

Pause the flawed Pentagon City Planning Study, allow for ample, wide and representative community engagement and fully incorporate community feedback.

Plan for appropriate community infrastructure for any population growth. 

Consider the vital balance between homeownership and rental units, condos and homes required for community well-being. 

Cap development to human-scale.

Conduct and communicate results of an environmental pollution study for any proposed redevelopment plan - added air pollution, noise pollution, vision pollution, change in Sky View Factor (SVF).

Conduct and communicate results of an environmental impact study and transportation study for the construction period for any proposed redevelopment plan.

Keep tree canopy at the current levels and exclude plants growing in/on buildings from calculations of tree canopy. Communicate the proposed tree canopy reduction in any proposed redevelopment plan.

Updates to the above petition: 

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2. To join the effort, please email us at info@densethatmakessense.org.

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Thank you for your support!

2,328 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!