Officially Name the Fairlington Bridge "Black Lives Matter Bridge"

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In South Arlington, Virginia, just a few miles from our nation’s capitol, neighbors from the Fairlington community recently came together to restore the Black Lives Matter artwork that was originally placed on the fence above their bridge by neighborhood teens. The Fairlington Bridge over I-395 joins Historic North and South Fairlington, and is visible to tens of thousands of passers-by everyday, traveling in, out, and around Washington, DC.

In May of this year, neighborhood teens adorned the fence with red plastic cups spelling “BLM” alongside large pink and red hearts, to show their support for the growing movement. After remaining untouched for many weeks, someone from outside the neighborhood took it upon themself to tear down the artwork. The Fairlington community came together to say, “Not on our watch!”’

After initially replacing the plastic cups and seeing them torn down yet again in just a matter of days, the community opted for a more time-consuming solution - thousands of hand-tied ribbons, placed one-by-one on both sides of the bridge.

While the vast majority of the community supports these efforts, there are some - mostly from outside the neighborhood - who continue to tear down the installations, and have even vandalized the bridge with spray paint on multiple occasions. The community continues to meet to restore their work time after time, and have even cleaned the graffiti from the sidewalks and walls themselves.

It would mean so much to this community to make this message last! They would love to see the bridge permanently named “Black Lives Matter Bridge.” Fairlington wants their neighbors of color to know that hate has no home here!

A member of the Arlington County Board has even shown her support of Fairlington’s efforts! Would you please join them in making this change permanent?