Invest in Arlington's Affordability: $25 million for Affordable Housing Investment Fund

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Arlington strives to be a diverse and welcoming community, but our ability to actually remain a viable home for people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds is at risk as our market rate affordable housing stock declines.

There are 28,000 individuals who are trying to make ends meet on 30% or less of our area median income (earning $36,000 or less for a family of four). These are the most vulnerable households who are at risk of displacement unless we take immediate action to create and preserve affordable housing that meets their needs.

The County Board has an opportunity to show leadership on affordable housing issues with forward-thinking actions that demonstrate the high priority of housing needs in the County.

The County Board should:

Increase the total Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF) allocation to $25 million in FY21. Given the significant need for more affordable housing in Arlington as well as a positive long-term budget outlook, a significant boost in spending for AHIF and Housing Grants is warranted. This would be a $9 million increase over the $16 million allocated in FY 2020.

- Dedicate additional funding to housing the lowest-income households (30% AMI households) within the County’s allocations of AHIF, Housing Grants, Emergency Assistance and other targeted programs.