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Arlington County Board and County Manager: Oppose night lighting of sport fields on Williamsburg School grounds

The neighborhood surrounding Williamsburg will be heavily impacted by evening traffic, light intrusion, noise and parking impacts

Letter to
Members of the Arlington County Board and the County Manager Arlington County Board Member
Arlington County Manager Ms. Barbara Donnellan
We, as registered voters in Arlington County, strongly oppose the installation of sport field lighting on any of the soccer fields on the Williamsburg Middle/Elementary school property. The undersigned, by signing this petition, assert that they are residents of Arlington County.
The neighborhood surrounding Williamsburg Middle School will be heavily impacted by construction of a new elementary school and expansion of the existing middle school, adding more than 1,000 students, teachers and staff. It will absorb additional congestion, light intrusion, noise and parking impacts from nighttime meetings and special events held at the enlarged Williamsburg Middle and new Elementary Schools.
Night lighting of one or more of the Williamsburg soccer fields will add to noise, litter and traffic on neighborhood streets. A major portion of the remaining open space at Williamsburg, surrounded on 3 sides by residences, would be illuminated and active into the evening hours, detracting from the few hours of serenity neighbors hope to enjoy at the end of the day.
For neighbors who must rise early, the effect of night lighting will be sleep-disrupting audio and visual impacts from the fields, players, spectators and vehicles entering and exiting the neighborhood.
The area around Williamsburg school is a uniquely quiet suburban neighborhood. It is not and should not be forced to become a heavily lit urban area disrupted by traffic and noise resulting from evening sports activities.
We therefore urge the Arlington County Manager and Arlington County Board, and advisory commissions and committees thereof, to oppose night lighting of any soccer fields adjacent to Williamsburg Middle and Elementary Schools

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