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Changing the Closing of Stovall Park from 12am to 10pm

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Stovall Park, currently, has a park closing time of midnight that requires an ordinance change or exemption.  This petition is to help organize a strong voice to achieve this.

 This year ushered in a "new year" of issues from the park such as actual GUN FIRE from people using the park. 

Stovall Park is surrounded by middle income homes/families that have daily responsibilities such as going to bed at a reasonable time and waking early to go to work. In addition to the fear of stray bullets, the park closing time has made this unreasonably difficult due to the noise generated, not just by a park in general, but by many times excessive levels of music, vehicles revving excessively, yelling and screaming, or activities that a reasonable person would find a nuisance if such activity took place by a neighbor. 

Additionally, the lights that stay on during open hours are excessively bright and for homes that back up to the park, they can be a nuisance in terms of unnecessary light pollution.

As residents, we have a RIGHT to enjoy our homes without unreasonable levels of noise and/or dangerous conditions!  The use of a park or at certain times is a PRIVILEGE and not a right bestowed upon anyone. This has been an ongoing issue and gets brought up as an issue every year for the past several.  The Arlington Police Department does their best, but as it gets later in the evening, they have more pressing issues to attend to than ignorant and inconsiderate people abusing the park privilege.  As such, the only way to truly bring peace to the surrounding residents during a time that reasonable people would expect it (10pm), is to SHUT THE PARK DOWN no later than 10pm.

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