Change the Jason/Mill St./Mass. Ave. Intersection back to an exclusive pedestrian crossing

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In October 2015, the town of Arlington changed the Mill St./Jason St./Mass Ave. intersection from an exclusive pedestrian intersection, where all traffic was stopped while pedestrians had an opportunity to cross the intersection, to a concurrent traffic pattern, which gives pedestrians a few seconds to start across the crosswalk and then traffic is allowed to proceed, presumably giving the right of way to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

In some instances, concurrent pedestrian crossings may be relatively safe and help with traffic flow.  However, this particular intersection is NOT a good candidate for a concurrent pedestrian crossing for a variety of reasons.

1. Many senior citizens, people with visual and motor impairments, and students use this crossing. According to a Report from the Boston Region Metropolitan Organization (2015) concurrent crossings are NOT appropriate for "Signalized intersections with high concentrations of older pedestrians, students, disabled (not visually impaired), or very young pedestrians" (

2. A high volume of traffic seeks to turn left off of Mass Ave.  With the new system, motorists are trying to turn both left and right off of Mass Ave at the SAME TIME pedestrians are crossing. This is very dangerous, especially because drivers are often focused on signal lights and other vehicles when making a left turn, and actually do not even see pedestrians (see study findings at (

3. Because motorists going down Mill St. and Jason St. must wait for pedestrians in the crosswalks to cross, traffic is backing up down these streets even more than before.

We feel that this crossing is now UNSAFE and we ask the Town of Arlington to return it to an exclusive pedestrian crossing.


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