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Arlen Specter, Bob Casey: Fix the Climate Bill, Single Payer Health Care Now!

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     Petition to Pennsylvania US Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Casey

We, the undersigned voters of Pennsylvania, strongly ask you, as a US Senate leader, to strengthen the just-passed HR2454- ACES - Clean Energy Bill to more fully authorize the EPA to penalize those who create excessive pollution when producing electric energy.  Further, we implore you to closely re-examine and rewrite the Cap & Trade system in this legislation. As written, Cap & Trade will simply not work, at least not in our lifetime. And the Cap & Trade system as proposed will be a Wall Street boondoggle to yet again benefit the wealthy few and the corporations who still willingly pollute without remorse or real EPA-driven redress.

We are outraged that the House of Representatives caved to the oil, coal AND farm lobbies in the final version of HR2454, ‘ACES’, the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

We are counting on you to use your leadership to best represent the US, the voters of Pennsylvania and the air we breathe and the soil we walk on and the water we drink, rather than the lobbyists' dollars in the Senate's version of HR2454.

Help us prevent another Centralia, another Kingston, two towns destroyed by coal.  Recall that the Christmas '08 Kingston TN coal ash environmental disaster is ten-times worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Senator Specter and Senator Casey:

There is a nexus between clean energy and adequate health care. 
If our skies were cleaner, our soil safer, our water as pure as the now-melting glaciers, our need for dramatically-improved health care would be reduced

In addition, we want you to back President Obama’s healthcare initiative as the Senate and House formulate the healthcare bill this month.  We expect you to use your leadership in Congress and not cave into the pharmaceutical lobby, the insurance lobby and other lobbies and special interests whose primary goals are to water down this bill.  Private and public healthcare for all without concerns regarding pre-existing conditions and reduced healthcare costs should be your goal. 

Your wisdom, your years of service and your personal medical experiences are the wells from which we, the voters of Pennsylvania, ask you to draw to rewrite the Clean Energy legislation and the Health legislation before you and your committee.    

     Let us work together to begin to heal the planet and each other.


This petition is being circulated by MoveOn members in southeastern and central Pennsylvania -- With help from members of the Sierra Club, The League of Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Defense Council.





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