Petition for the American "Sociable Citizens" Society

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              This is a petition to humanity for the creation of a society whose members will be people who are committed to the well-being, and the continued growing awareness and improvement of the conditions, of human society and its daily existence.  The membership may include anyone in the world who is so committed.  The word “American” is a part of the title because of the ideals of freedom, justice, tolerance, tenacity and indomitable spirit that the word represents (for the time being, we’ll ignore some of the other, less desirable, aspects that the word, also, represents).

              In order to function together as a nation (and a world), people must be able to get along with one another.  Being sociable, particularly in the manner of a citizen (which includes being respectful of others in society as well as being responsible TO society), is an absolute key to the functioning OF society.  Without mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, and the willingness to listen to other points of view, there is no hope of creating fair and healthy relationships between people.

              Many people have learned this lesson and know the value of what is stated here.  Others have not and do not.  Many want to reach out and help other people who are less fortunate than themselves.  Others do not, or cannot. The freedom of choice allowed within the fabric of American society justifies the different types of behavior.  However, whenever one person, or a group of people, seeks to elevate themselves at the expense of others, there will always be conflict due to the injustice of the situation. 

               Conflict invariably detracts from the well-being of all who are involved until the conflict is resolved.  When a conflict is resolved through force, one of the parties will win, and the other will lose.  When a conflict is resolved through the use of reason and mutual respect, a thorough understanding of the situation can be achieved, and all parties involved can benefit from the solution.  Compromise is normally a part of such resolutions.

              For people to see that, in compromise, they may not entirely get what they want, but, have a better chance of finding a balanced solution for all of those who are affected, they must have an open mind and a willingness to continue to work with others until all have achieved an acceptable portion of what they desire.  Many times this can be deemed to be an impossible task.  Without mutual respect and a genuine love for our fellow man, it IS an impossible task.  WITH the expression of those qualities, THE DESIRED RESULT BECOMES POSSIBLE!

              By being sociable citizens in our relationships with others, we enable the best qualities of humanity to be expressed, and we enable the best solutions to problems to be found.  Through respectful communication with others, ideas may be expressed that no single individual may be capable of imagining.  Solutions that would otherwise be unseen become visible.  Opportunities that would have been missed can be taken advantage of!  ALL OF THIS, by simply being sociable citizens.

              Simply being sociable citizens.....

              …perhaps the most demanding thing that people have ever tried to do!




              By building a society of this nature, we can create a group of people who are able to interact with one another in the freest fashion possible.

              By building a society of this nature, we can enable ourselves to find the best solutions to the problems that we face. 

              By building a society of this nature, we can bring the many minds capable of envisioning things that will benefit us all, together as they have never been before. 

              By building a society of this nature, we can face the challenges of governing our society in a way that will benefit ALL of its members!

              By building a society of this nature, we can give our children a world that will make them feel joyful to be a part of.

              By building a society of this nature, we can experience something that has seldom been seen in this world.



         By building a society of this nature, we can become truly free.




              Let’s build this thing.



              By signing this petition and statement of intentions, not only will you be asking humanity to support the creation of a society committed to its ongoing betterment, you will become a member of the American Sociable Citizens Society and agree to commit yourself to the daily efforts required to express the goals, ideas and ideals of this society.


              Thank you for your time and for your consideration of this petition,




            “Let us neither express nor cherish any hard feelings toward any citizen who…has differed with us.  Let us at all times remember that all American citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling.”

                                                            -Abraham Lincoln


“We must release the chains of fear and ignorance that bind us to our miseries.”

                                                                -All of the Great Thinkers



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