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Justice for Grace

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On September 10, 2016 a group of boys from Fayetteville Arkansas High school rented a baby goat from a friend of theirs for $10. The goat, Grace, was rented as entertainment for their party. Videos surfaced of one boy holding Grace while another boy smashed a full can of beer on her head to bust it open, and then chugged the beer. The others cheered on. Another video shows them around a table in the back yard talking about renting her for $10 as she cowered in a corner. Several students have reported that the next day at school, several of the boys bragged about how they dragged her with a rope, held her down and forced her to drink beer and eat cigarettes until she started convulsing. You can watch the video here:

When the incident was reported to Fayetteville police's school resource officer, the Fayetteville Police Department refused to pursue a full investigation because they said that the owner of the goat said she was unharmed when she was returned. The case was immediately closed because, according to Sgt. Craig Stout, “the facts of the case did not meet the threshold of animal cruelty.” 

My name is Leanne Lauricella and I am the founder of Goats of Anarchy, Inc., a special needs baby goat rescue in New Jersey. I personally contacted the owner of the goat, now named Grace, and offered to buy her. He agreed so I flew a Goats of Anarchy volunteer to Arkansas to pick her up. Grace was immediately seen by our vet, who said she was emaciated. She has scratches in both eyes causing them to ooze down both sides of her face, she is coughing, sneezing, wheezing and has an upper respiratory infection. She is covered in lice and in very poor condition. She is scared and traumatized.

Unfortunately, felony law for animal cruelty only covers dogs, cats and horses.

1. I would like for the Fayetteville Police Department to reopen the investigation and urge the juvenile prosecutors to see this as felony animal cruelty.

2. I am requesting an investigation on the officers for failure to pursue criminal prosecution.

3. I am requesting that the prior owner of the goat (Grace) be investigated for any other animals in his possession.

4. I believe it is illegal to film animal torture for the purpose of entertainment. If this is the case in Arkansas, charges should be filed accordingly.

5. It appears that many of the boys in question are high school athletes. If that is true, they are held to an Athletic Code of Conduct, as outlined in the Fayetteville Public Schools Athletic Participation Packet. I want the athletic department of Fayetteville Arkansas High School to hold any athletes involved responsible. I believe 2 areas (#1 & #3) apply to this situation in particular, and #5 applies if charges are brought:

Violations Misconduct among participants shall consist of one of the following violations: ** For school-related violations, the student is subject to the penal...ties imposed by school officials. The coach and/or the Athletic Council have the discretion to impose additional penalties for school rules that are violated.

a. Behavior considered unbecoming (unsuitable, inappropriate, or not keeping with accepted standards of a polite society) an FPS athlete.

b. The unauthorized possession or use of drugs.

c. The transport, possession, or consumption of any alcoholic beverage.

d. Vandalism, theft, or destructive misuse of athletic school property, equipment, or personal property of another.

e. Any act that would or could constitute a felony or misdemeanor, if convicted, according to the County Prosecutor.

The penalties for violating the Code of Conduct are stiff - possible suspension from all sports for up to 365 days for a 1st offense.

The photos and video clearly show alcohol possession & consumption, in addition to unbecoming behavior (not keeping with accepted standards of a polite society).

Here's a link to their Athletic Policy:…/AthleticPacketFHS1415.pdf

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