Teachers & Public School Employees Support ATRS

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We, the undersigned active and retired public school employees and members of Arkansas Teacher Retirement, support the ATRS Board in its continuing mission to manage the largest retirement system in the state. We have absolute faith that they are competent, ethical, and have proven to be effective managers of our money no matter what kind of economic conditions have been present.

Furthermore, we respectfully but emphatically request the following:

·        Please do not pass any bills that dictate or restrict how the Board manages the fund, or that would cause changes from the current type of public pension to any kind of “hybrid” or “401k style” plan. Additionally, please do not pass any bills that change or micromanage the cost of living formulas. The board receives expert advice on this and makes adjustments as necessary.

·        Please continue to allow the Board to conduct its own stress-testing and planning, for both the short term and long term future, without outside interference. They have a proven track record of sound investing and management. Retirees count on that stability and income long after their careers are over.

·        It is imperative that the Board of ATRS continue to be comprised primarily of member-elected (as opposed to appointed) individuals.

·        Please do not pass any bill based on data or recommendations made by Reason Foundation, Pew Research, or any other organization whose goal it is to dismantle public pension systems. These goals are well-documented and easy to find on their respective websites.

In short, we support our ATRS in its current form and want it to be left alone to do the great job it is already doing.





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