Abolish Sales Taxes for Used Cars in Arkansas

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Auto Sales Taxes are collected by the State when a new vehicle is purchased. If the vehicle is sold as Used later, sales taxes (hundreds/thousands of dollars) are collected again by the State of Arkansas. This is double dipping, it hurts the people most likely to buy Used Vehicles (Middle, Worker, & Lower/Underclass citizens), and encourages fraudulent Bills of Sale. The honest pay the taxes while the crooked skip the bill with fraudulent Bills of Sale. The tax credit received for trade-ins pressures individuals to take less money for their vehicles from dealerships, giving the dealership an unfair upper hand in the negotiations. The same applies for the Tax Credit individuals receive from selling their own vehicles. 45 days is not enough time to sell some vehicles, pressuring individuals to accept unfair deals for their vehicles. New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, Montana, and Alaska all have no sales taxes for vehicles. Arkansas should follow their example. Used Car Taxes can hinder a struggling citizen (single parent, etc.) from purchasing a good used car, forcing them to buy a $4000.00 or less Junker. Aren’t we taxed enough already? This is a tax leftover from the governance of Bill Clinton. We can get rid of this double tax in our great state. Thank you for reading and I encourage you to forward this to your Arkansas Representative, Senator, and Governor Asa Hutchinson. Thank you and God bless!