Arizona State University: Reduce The Costs Of Education For Arizona State University Students.

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Arizona State University: Reduce The Costs Of Education For Arizona State University Students.

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Eric Haywood started this petition to Arizona State University Michael M. Crow, President and

Students attending Arizona State University are indeed receiving what could be considered a state of the art educational experience. The problem is, that they are not receiving an education worthy of the outrageous amount of money that it currently costs to attend a university in America.

Perhaps, if the corporate culture adopted by the elected government officials in Arizona and at Arizona State University ceased to treat Arizona State University students as consumers and actively encouraged them to actually learn as opposed to what currently passes for corporate involvement at Arizona State University, it might be possible for a greater number of students graduating yearly to actually find themselves qualified for the jobs they seek.

It is the primary function of corporations in America to return a profit for their shareholders. Corporations have no other more important purpose. That said, the vast corporate educational complex as presently in existence in America has bastardized our universities to the point where students are considered nothing more than consumers to be marketed to for the purpose of sales and future sales. Massive corporations such as Aramark, which exist to profit from the sales of its products and services to students on hundreds of university campuses across the country, including Arizona State University, generate billions of dollars every year in profits which end up in the pockets of Aramark shareholders.

Aramark corporation has been invited onto the Arizona State University Campus by the school itself who also seek a large cut of the signifcant profits obtained from the pockets of ASU students, contributing, in a significant way to the massive debt that Arizona students typically owe upon graduation. The circle is obviously a vicious one.

Students are borrowing more and more money every year in federally funded student loans to pay for college expenses that are needlessly driven upwards and onwards by corporations who seek nothing more than increased profits.

Such a dysfunctional and damaging situation currently in existence at Arizona State University is untenable, unethical, immoral and cannot be allowed to continue.

The impact on this nation’s economy has been catastrophic and the recent Occupy Wall Street protests are clearly a symptom of a similar problem that at its core begins with our flawed and counterproductive university system and culture.

Instead of profiting from our students we need to educate them. Why else send them to school?

Our government policy should be one of education and not profit. Corporations operating on university campuses in Arizona, particularly Arizona State University, should be non-profits, or, at the very least, local Arizona businesses. Such a policy would support Arizona business,  reduce the cost of education for students, and focus on the priority of actual learning in our schools, producing better quality students who would more likely qualify for the jobs they seek.

Every public and private sector official and leader, as well as each and every community leader and citizen in the State Of Arizona should be in support of such a policy. How could they not be?

These university students are your children, your neighbors, your friends, and your future. By taking the profit out of the business of exploiting students on ASU campus, the State Of Arizona will receive better educated citizens more fit to fill the jobs it offers.

Moreover, the financial burdens that students are responsible for after school would lessen, freeing them to contribute to the Arizona economy. A student with less debt for instance, is more likely to purchase a house which could go as long way in addressing the disaster which is the Arizona housing crisis.

Our children are easily the most valuable asset that exists within the State Of Arizona. Therefore, it should be our number one priority to fully subsidize the higher education of students attending Arizona State University. This should be achieved not only by removing giant profiteering corporations such as Aramark from the ASU campus and replacing them with local Arizona businesses and non-profits, but also by significant subsidies generated by a state income tax specifically targeted towards the wealthiest 1% which will directly benefit college students and be dedicated to higher education.

Currently, Arizona is rated at or near the bottom of nearly every national study in the education of Arizona students. Arizona State Government owes citizens of this state more than that. It must endeavor to educate the students at Arizona State University by making a college education more affordable instead of contracting with a self-serving corporation like Aramark in order to profit from them.

The above insanity that pretends to be Arizona State University as well as the corruption and greed that masquerades as Arizona State government must come to this realization now. The citizens of the State Of Arizona and the students at Arizona State University demand better.

Support Arizona State University Students.

Support Local Arizona Business People.

Support The 99%.

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This petition had 699 supporters