Apply a curve to ASU classes: Spring 2020

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COVID-19 has become a global pandemic and recently caused Arizona State University to transfer all classes to an online format through the end of the semester. Students of the university find it unfair and disrespectful to be expected to perform at the same level as we would during a normal semester. 

We are forced to do online classes with many stuck in self-isolation units, others far away from campus unable to retrieve their books, other in homes of infected individuals, some crippling under the stress of the safety of themselves and their loves ones. Not all have efficient internet connection at home, some are not allowed to leave their home states due to travel bans and lockdowns, others don't feel safe coming to campus and using communal computers/ workspaces due to the risk of infection.

We are proposing for a curve to be placed on all ASU classes to take into account these newfound challenges. Students do not deserve to be punished for trying to complete classes during this international pandemic. Many chose in person classes because of the conflicts that arise for them in online settings. 

In order to better the mental health of our students, relieve some of their stress, and show the university's support for putting one's health first, a institution wide grade curve should be in order. 

This curve will allow students to still attend their classes, work hard and succeed but not have to work overtime due to the challenges the virus has placed in their individual paths.