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Petitioning ASDB Board of Directors and 3 others

Arizona Schools for the Deaf & Blind (ASDB) Board of Directors: Acknowledge the vote of "No Confidence" in Superintendent Robert Hill.

Five years ago, parents, staff, and community members gathered to ensure that ASDB's campuses were truly accessible to American Sign Language (ASL) for the students and staff as well as fostering positive changes in the curriculum in order to advance deaf education. Today, we find that our students' education is now at risk because of haphazard administrative decisions and questionable conduct by Superintendent Robert Hill, including several allegations of discriminatory conduct in regards to staff (female/sexual) and disability (deaf).

Nearly 50 ASDB staff members have already personally signed the following statement:

We, the members of the ASDB community including staff, parents, alumni, and friends, sign this petition as a Vote of No Confidence in Robert Hill's continued service as Superintendent of ASDB.

Robert Hill has demonstrated a continued failure to exhibit the professional integrity and leadership that is expected and required of the Superintendent of ASDB. Such failures include a fundamental refusal or inability to:

·        communicate clearly and effectively with ASDB staff;

·        conduct and communicate ASDB matters in an honest and candid way essential to trust-building within ASDB;

·        administer ASDB policies in a fair and evenhanded way among ASDB employees;

·        establish and foster a positive and supportive work environment for ASDB staff; and

·        execute the powers and responsibilities of the Superintendent in a manner consistent with the best interests of ASDB.

Instead of the above, Robert Hill has, through his conduct and actions as Superintendent, created a pervasive and wide-ranging culture of fear, distrust, and doubt among ASDB staff that directly conflicts with ASDB's stated commitment to the "respect, support, and well being of each employee."

Letter to
ASDB Board of Directors
ASDB Superintendent Robert Hill
Office of the Superintendent - ASDB Mary Fult
and 1 other
Office of the Superintendent - ASDB Lauren Peirce
Acknowledge our vote of "No Confidence" in Superintendent Robert Hill and take the appropriate corrective action. Over 1,600 people have already demanded action. Why are you failing to do your duty?