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Arizona Legislative Bodies: Repeal/Strike Down The Transphobic (Bathroom Bill) SB1045!!!


SB1045, passed through AZ House committee on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013, is absolutely reprehensible and does nothing to advance our great state of Arizona. This bill targets ALL of Arizona's citizens, especially our trans-identified citizens. By allowing small business owners to deny your access to their public restroom facilities, they are given the power by law to dictate your gender identity based off of how they perceive it. The passing of SB1045 sponsors a culture of harassment and violence, which sociological and psychological statistics show, is already devastating transgender populations. Men and women, regardless of trans identity, that do not appear with masculine or feminine norms for their perceived sex, could, and will be discriminated against if this bill becomes law. 

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    Rick Gray
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    Paul Boyer
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    Adam Kwasman
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    Janice Brewer
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    Chad Campbell
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    Lela Alston
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