Justice for Dion Johnson

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Dion Johnson a 28 year old black male was shot fatally by an Arizona DPS trooper on May 25, 2020. The Arizona DPS trooper pulled behind Dion's vehicle as he was parked in the highway gore area and said to be "partially blocking traffic". Dion was asleep inside of his vehicle at this time, according to news reports. According to the DPS trooper there was a "struggle" which led to the DPS trooper firing his service weapon and fatally striking Dion. After this so called "struggle" happened a second DPS trooper arrived on the scene to help remove Dion from his vehicle. Phoenix fire crews transported Dion Johnson to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

  Dion Johnson's family and friends are looking for answers as to what exactly transpired between the DPS trooper and Dion that led to the trooper firing his service weapon. As a community we are requesting that the police report be released as well as the body cam footage from the two DPS troopers involved and any highway traffic cam footage that may be available. At this time we are also asking for the DPS troopers names and badge numbers to be given to his immediate family. Any personal belongings of Dion's should be released to his immediate family as well. Lastly, if it is found that this supposed "struggle" was not in fact a struggle that would give the trooper the right to draw his firearm at Dion Johnson we are asking that the appropriate charges be taken against this DPS trooper and he is held accountable for his actions as well as fired from the force. 

  Now is the time for a change in the United States when it comes to racism, police brutality, and injustice. We will no longer stand for excuses and lies! We want the truth and answers! 

Please sign this petition to help the family get the answers and closure they are needing in this tragic unexpected time. You can also help out greatly by donating to his family to help cover memorial expenses and legal fees.

GoFundMe for Dion Johnson

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