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Bring Back the Old Arizona Lemon Flavored Iced Tea!

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Since the summer going into seventh grade, Arizona lemon flavored iced tea has been "my drink." I would enjoy up to five a day even at the best of times, which of course was great. But I especially appreciated the green and white checked juice boxes when I was feeling down or tired.

Around halfway through my day at school, just when I was starting to think "how will I get through the next four and a half hours?" I would take solace in my favorite drink. It wasn't just the sugar rush that gave me a boost, it was the familiarity and dependability of the sweet taste being there for me whenever I needed it.

Now I'm in eleventh grade. The twelve pack of Arizona had been my pretty much constant companion for four years. How shocked was I to see, than, that the juice boxes look different, with lemons as decoration instead of the checkers I've come to love? But worse than the superficial change is the internal one - it tastes more like lemonade now than my sweet, sweet iced tea. This revised version is the only one being sold now.

Although this change isn't for the bottles, it doesn't matter. The boxes are the ones close to my heart. Without them, I'm grumpy and irritable. When I go through a hard time, there is no pick-me-up that I can know is always there. 

Is my plight ridiculous? Maybe. But what does it hurt for you to help me, whether or not you also miss the old Arizona? So please, I implore you, just give a moment of your time, an ounce of your sympathy, to a young, thirsty girl in need. Help me taste that liquid joy again.

Thank you!

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