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Add a "Disability Voices" section to The Huffington Post

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Like over 19% of Americans, I live with a disability. Having a disability comes with challenges, but life for the disability community and our families is constantly improving. The internet has been a critical tool in helping people with disabilities and our allies connect, give us a voice, and fight for our rights. As a writer on disability issues, an important online platform has been The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post is the #1 news site in the US and one of the biggest in the world. More articles are shared on Facebook from Huffington Post than from any other site. Despite their reach and having sections highlighting issues facing different communities, Huffington Post does not have a disabilities section.

The Huffington Post has led the way with their “Voices” sections spotlighting the content important to different communities. Please join me in calling on The Huffington Post to add a “Disability Voices” to their site, recognizing a community involved with an important civil rights movement.

My name is Sarah and have had my blog posts featured on The Huffington Post. Like many other disability activists, I use my writing to fight for equality, accessibility, and to educate. However, because there is not a Voices section for people with disabilities like there is for other marginalized groups, these stories are mislabeled and placed under other sections. The Huffington Post is not alone. Most major online platforms, while having sections dedicated to other groups, leave out the disability community.

With their huge online presence in the US and around the world, The Huffington Post is in a prime position to lead. They already have laid the foundation with their Women, Gay, Latino, and Black Voices sections which shed a light on the issues affecting these groups. It is time they added “Disability Voices” to the list.

Huffington Post could be the pioneer in providing a cohesive platform in the mainstream media for people with disabilities to have their voices heard and solidify itself as one of the largest allies of the disability community. The time is now for The Huffington Post to add a “Disability Voices” to their site. Please sign and share the petition today.

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