Reverse decision to use Redgauntlet Road as an access for the Helensburgh Athletic Club

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This petition has been created by the residents in the cul-de-sac on Redgauntlet Road to raise awareness of a situation we are currently facing regarding land we own. The land is being taken over by the council for purposes in which we have all objected to. We all know the land in the old academy ground is up for sale and potentially being purchased by Taylor Wimpy for building a new housing estate. The residents have no issue with this. Also in that land is the Helensburgh Athletics Club clubhouse and they have requested planning permission to build a car park beside their clubhouse. We also do not have an issue with this. It would appear that the council have agreed the planning permission for this and have put the access to the car park on land behind the clubhouse which actually belongs to the residents in Redgauntlet road. Despite almost every resident in the street, including children, putting in objections to the planning department, the council have passed the planning and work was due to start in late September. The council did not furnish us with this information and we only found this out through a resident talking to a worker on the site. The strip of land involved belongs to all the residents and is included on our title deeds. The council are not willing to take any of this into consideration, along with light pollution, safety for the children in our street and at the local play park nearby. So we are asking for as much support as possible from the wider community to help us get this decision overturned. The access point can be placed elsewhere where there are already suitable roads but for some reason the council are adamant it has to be here.
Please sign this petition so we can gain as much publicity as possible. Thank you.

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