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Stop the proposed Mega Salmon Fish Farm in Loch Scridain,( Isle of Mull )

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Ardmeanach Peninsula, Burg and 'The Wilderness ' , is a unique unspoilt scenic area fronted by the largest pristine sea loch on the West coast of the Isle of Mull. Loch Scridain is a proposed development site for a ' Mega ' marine Atlantic salmon farm adjacent to the National Trust for Scotland owned 569 hectare estate The Burg.

The Scottish Salmon Company are trying to establish a marine Salmon farm of around 40 hectares which will contain 14 salmon cages and a huge floating barge which will house generators, staffing facilities and around 200 tonnes of fish feed storage This area which is a special Protection Area is particularly sensitive as a number of Golden Eagles breed here and are very likely to be disturbed by the continual noise and illumination of the proposed site, particularly during the nesting period Helicopters will fly food/ equipment / smolt in adding to the noise from the fish farm itself. Anti predator sound devices will be operated under the Salmon cages to deter the Seals which breed a few kilometers from the cages,when these fail they are licensed to shoot them, These sound waves travel several square kilometers and deter all cetaceans from entering the Loch and so the Killer and Minke whales, Dolphins, Basking sharks. will no longer be able to feed in these pristine waters .

Local fishermen who historically have fished these waters will not be able to set their creels and will be forced to fish deeper more dangerous waters jeopardising both life and potential jobs.

The continual use of the insecticides needed to treat the fish for sea lice will end up in the ocean affecting the ecosystem and biodiversity, this in turn also has the potential to affect anything that feeds on seafood. Otters in particular are vulnerable to organochlorine/ organophoshatese and have been decimated in the past due to ingesting traces in their food source .This area due to its unique unspolit wilderness is the territory of a number of otters. Rare sponges have recently been discovered which could be affected.

Sea lice emanating from the fish farm are dispersed primarily by surface wind,with the prevailing wind coming from the west , the sea lice would be forced up the loch towards the mouth of the River Coladoir. Any sea trout in the vicinity of the mouth of the river would be at increased risk of harmful infection by sea lice. A survey has been conducted and the results conclude that the salmonid populations of the rivers are very depressed already, with the fish already in a fragile state , the potential of the fish farm could possibly wipe them out from our rivers for ever.

As a local community we should have some say in what happens in our environment, as we, and our future generations have to live with the consequences We find it objectionable from many points of view , the wildlife effect, the fishermen, the sea lice aspect, the wild stocks, the visual impact

The Big boys have managed to get away with intensive farming on the land , ruined the soil with chemicals , screwed the small farmers and run rough shod over local opinion, now they are moving into the oceans as well. So please help us stop this proposed Mega tank Fish farm by signing our petition


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