Argent & Fusion: Keep Kings Cross Pond open for all year swimming – please don’t scrap it

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Argent & Fusion: Keep Kings Cross Pond open for all year swimming – please don’t scrap it

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Started by Imogen Radford

This innovative fresh water outdoor swimming pool is to close for ever 26 October, despite its popularity and growing appreciation of its beauty and value.

This swimming oasis in the urban centre of a world-class city, originally designed as a usable art installation, is a wonderful and popular asset for the local community and for visitors. The pond website promised that it would be on site for at least two years, but with the possibility of the lifetime of the pond being extended. (kings cross pond club faqs), and the planning permission is not die to expire until 31 January 2017. But it is now intended to close it after only 17 months.

The pond is helping the city to move towards being a liveable habit. Families, friends and people from near and far come and test the waters, and then – refreshed and renewed – bring a clean energy back to the city with new friends and a greater investment in the city’s environment.

Over the year and a few months it has been open the pond has grown in loveliness and importance, especially to the local community, but also to those from far away, and people are learning about the possibility to create natural habitats and water filters. It is a green lung in this built-up area: an affordable leisure facility all can enjoy.

The UK's first ever man-made fresh water public bathing pond has become one of London's best-loved amenities, bringing benefits to the area and beyond.

As users of the pool and members of groups representing the growing numbers of outdoor swimmers we ask you to keep it open all year, and to discuss with us ways it can continue to thrive and develop at the heart of Kings Cross.

Do not close and scrap it: instead keep it as a truly sustainable and green centre for the Kings Cross area.


Who is responsible for deciding the future of the Kings Cross Pond?

Argent Kings Cross Ltd Partnership are the developers of the area (who is developing kings cross?) and Fusion Lifestyle run the Kings Cross Pond (kings cross pond club website; contact Fusion) The local councils are Camden (camden council on the kings cross development)
and Islington (islington council on kings cross).


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This petition had 5,262 supporters

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