Bring back the old human female idles!

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In mid-2014 two major idle animations were removed from the game Guild Wars 2. These animations provided one of its characters(the human females) a distinct look and feel from the other in-game races. Not only were those animations done by a skillful animator who had to spend hours working around it, they were also present in the game since launch. A small number of players complained about said animations and the developers at ArenaNet decided to remove. The players were left in the dark for years before the main thread in the old Forums was finally locked away. No news or mentions about this topic have been addressed by any Staff Member ever since.

That is why I've decided to make this petition. So that us, the players, can have a chance to show our dissatisfaction towards this issue. Here are some reasons as to why it should be brought back:

  • Guild Wars 2 features numerous lore-breaking and over-the-top cosmetic items such as wings and flashy backpieces, ostentatious weapons, and effects, revealing and silly armor sets, etc... This and the use of a wardrobe system allow players to customize their characters in any way they see fit.
  • The use of miniatures(downsized NPCs that follow players around), which have been turned into a meme in the past for interfering with cutscenes and otherwise serious plot elements. These were not removed.
  • Players have the choice to use wander around during conversations or even use different emotes if they want to get in the mood of the scene. ArenaNet also showed us that it is possible to set each NPC its own string of animations during these in-game conversations.
  • Every single race has its own unique idle animations. If we follow this whole logic of "lore-breaking" idles in specific situations, then I think it's fair to point out that all of them can fall under this category. Sylvari characters can be seen getting themselves distracted and looking around, flailing their arms and constantly showing signs of intrigue and happiness. I would say that something like that would certainly kill an "epic" moment where people are drying and a dragon is ready to fall on top of our character, wouldn't it?
  • Low-polygon NPCs can be seen displaying these same animations, including new ones that were introduced in the game's latest expansion. The code is still there, it shouldn't be hard to enable it back, right?

Let's admit it. This is not a problem at all. The human female characters are the most played and beloved characters of the entire game. They are already sexualized and even had their own running animation tweaked to make it look sexier. You won't find many immersive characters in this game, apart from fashionistas and roleplayers. People enjoy diversity, and having our characters fixing their hair(even though they could be using a helm that covers their entire head) every single day of the week gets dull.

Thank you for your time!