Apologize/rehire Jessica Price and Peter Fries

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As game industry professionals, and/or gamers and fans of roleplaying games - games that are so magical and unique thanks to well-crafted narratives, tirelessly produced by writers and narrative designers - we, signed below, are absolutely disgusted by the cowardly actions of ArenaNet.

After narrative designer Jessica Price proceeded to make a relatively mild (by industry standards), if otherwise slightly rude remark to a youtuber, she was harassed by several people calling themselves 'fans' of the Guild Wars series. ArenaNet then took an absolutely unexcusable course of action: instead of standing up for their employee, they sided with the mob and fired her.

Even more unexcusable, after writer Peter Fries took a stand defending Ms. Jessica Price - like ArenaNet should've - he was also fired.

This is cowardly and frankly shameful behavior from a company that made games that are dear to the hearts of many of us signed below, and whose message teaches the value of standing up for what's right, and for your friends and teammates. Many people are now ashamed to call themselves fans of Guild Wars, not wanting to be lumped with the individuals responsible for the hate campaign against Ms. Price.

Because as it stands currently, actions of ArenaNet seem to lump all of us together with them.

Therefore, we signed below, call for ArenaNet to do three things:

  1. Immediately, officially and publically apologize to Jessica Price and Peter Fries for their unethical treatment by ArenaNet.
  2. Make an offer to rehire Jessica Price and Peter Fries at their previous positions with no reduction in pay.
  3. If they decline to be rehired, offer them a cash bonus, both as an apology and as thanks for the entirety of their dedicated work spent making the world of Guild Wars series come to life, and give them every help possible (letters of reference etc.) in finding a different employer, if they so desire.

We hope that team at ArenaNet understands that the reprehensible vocal few do not represent all GuildWars fans or the gaming community at large.

We are better than that. And we hope that so is ArenaNet.


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