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[Arena of Valor] Remove the Daily Gold Limit!

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Remove the Gold Cap!
Arena of Valour(AOV) is a Mobile MOBA online game with a fast growing player base. However, with an imposed limit of 500 gold daily, it is impossible for players to enjoy the heroes they want to play with.

Both the heroes and arcana in the game cost gold to acquire. Since they fall under the same currency, purchasing arcana takes precedence because they directly affect in-game performance, therefore limiting the player's ability to enjoy different heroes because they are buying arcana.

With the high cost of arcana and heroes, it is extremely daunting to new players and creates a large gap between seasoned veterans and new players trying to climb to the top.

A full arcana page and having an abundance of heroes is not something we will attain 'in a matter of time' because with the rate of release of new heroes, it is extremely difficult for any player to ever catch up and reach a comfortable number of heroes while having a good amount of arcana.

We love the game and the characters within it. We would like the chance to enjoy the characters in the game without handicapping ourselves. Removing the gold cap allows us to enjoy the heroes and support the game through experience enriching purchases such as Skins and/or creating guilds etc instead of spending cash to purchase heroes.

Problems with Gold Cap: (not extensive)
1. There is no point to continue playing for players past 6-8 games (about 1-2 hours) after reaching the gold cap, making a fun game extremely unrewarding.

2. Creates a huge gap between old and new players in the long run, affecting the balance of the game. Detrimental to developing a pro player scene since it's so hard to fight against someone who has full arcana, this will result in a very small high level players scene filled only with long-time players.

3. The choice of choosing between arcana and heroes is extremely difficult because it handicaps the gameplay. If you want to buy a new hero with gold, you must sacrifice your gold to acquire new arcana.

4. Difficulty of acquiring new arcana limits the builds that the players can use, limiting the player experience the developers have worked so hard to let players enjoy because many players are locked into 1 full arcana page then move on to acquiring heroes based on the page.

Benefits to the Developers Removing the Gold Cap:
1. Higher Game Count
- Players would look forward to playing the game beyond 6-8 games, allowing AOV developers a chance to create various events centred around playing more games/ different game modes in the future.

2. Marketing benefits (More Players switching to AOV)
- AOV Developers would be able to market themselves as a 'limitless MOBA' as most of their current competitors have currency caps in the game. 

3. Lesser Switching costs for players from other Mobile MOBA Competitors
- Eliminates a huge bulk of switching costs of players from other mobile MOBAs to try AOV because they would be able to catch up to their friends by playing more.

4. A Triumph for the Community and a Declaration from the Developers
- Removing the gold cap would be a landmark success for the community of players in AOV. Because not only we got what we wanted, we know that the developers are listening to our feedback and taking them into consideration. This would be the ultimate irrefutable evidence that AOV Developers are indeed listening to the player base and we would look forward to more collaborations with the game developers to make the game even better. This would be seen as a declaration from the developers that they are always listening and willing to change.

Alternative Suggestions from Removing the Gold Cap:
1. Alternative Currency to purchase Arcana
After every match, a player would acquire gold, EXP and an alternative currency used to purchase arcana. With this alternative currency, players would be able to funnel their gold to acquiring new heroes while having a method to acquire new arcana, eliminating majority of the problems a gold cap can bring while alleviating problems from removing the gold cap. (denies AOV of the chance to market itself as a 'limitless game' though)

2. Increase the Gold Cap
Simple and easy implementation, increase the amount of gold we can acquire so players can attain what

3. Acquiring one random Arcana after Every Game + Crafting System
Allows players to acquire a variety of level I, II or III arcana after every game past the gold limit. Level I or II Arcanas are able to be fused together to create a random level III Arcana (Just like the system in League when I played it).

This allows players to have a variety of builds too because the are able to slowly gather arcana out of their usual collecting range randomly.

Along with the post for this petition comes with a consolidated  list of links to the opinions of the players of AOV. Don't take it from me, take the opinions of many other players too!

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